As your doula, I will provide you...

An initial meet and greet for us to get to know each other, see how our relationship could unfold, as well as answer any questions about my philosophy and what having a doula would offer to you and your family.

Two prenatal visits. During the first visit, I will come to your home, and we will discuss how your pregnancy has affected you on an emotional and physical level. We will also review your plans for separation,  previous pregnancies, expectations around labor, well as any educational classes that you’re taking or interested in pursuing. At the second visit I will help you organize your home for your baby, discuss what you’ll want to pack for the hospital or birth center, and review any techniques you may be learning or developing for the delivery. Together, we will create a manageable action plan that puts you and your family's needs first.

Continued care and unlimited information over the phone, email and text message throughout the entire process. I will be available 24/7 when you reach 37 weeks and will be able to check-in whenever need me, as well as have weekly touch bases about your doctor visits and other appointments.

Support at the birth, whether you are delivering at home, a hospital, or a birthing center. I will be there to help you advocate for yourself through your vaginal or cesarean birth. I will provide any comfort techniques we discussed, including massage, pressure and breathing exercises, help to make sure the room is comfortable, as well as honor when to leave the space to give you and your family privacy. I will stay for one to two hours after the birth to help you navigate infant bonding and feeding. My goal is to keep your needs central during the entire labor process.

A postpartum visit so we can check in to see if any additional care or guidance is needed, as well review the birth experience.

As your doula, I will not…

Provide you with medical treatments including prescribing over the counter and herbal medicines. However, I will help point you towards providers who can assist with those requests.

Judge you for any decisions you make about your pregnancy.

Take over the role of a partner or family member.

Leave your birth without providing a backup. You will be able to meet with my stand-in in advance of going into labor.

Make decisions on your behalf about your pregnancy or birth. I will provide you with resources and guidance to help you develop the most informed choices for you and your newborn.