“Madeline was an ideal doula. She listened carefully to my birth preferences and goals, and helped me in achieving them through sharing resources, being supportive during my natural birth, and giving specific techniques during labor (especially in transition!).

Although I chose to have a natural birth, if I had to or chose to have a different birth experience, I'm sure Madeline would have been a fantastic doula as well. Considerate, good at "reading a room," and knowledgeable about both giving space and providing support are some of her strongest assets, which are valuable to all people going through childbirth!

My partner and I couldn't have asked for a better doula. With Madeline's support we have a lovely little one, who arrived after only 2.5 hours at the hospital, I had very minimal tearing which healed within about a week, and we were all discharged early due to our great health and low-trauma birthing process. Thank you Madeline!”

”As a soon to be mom I was graced with Madeline's presence as a doula in my journey. My husband and I had a unique path in which we were thrown deep into the Western Medical world with an unexpected high risk complication. My plans of having a natural birth were cast to the side and I was faced with the reality of having a Cesarian.

Madeline was incredibly helpful in connecting and empowering us to our choices for our specific situation. I had been feeling disconnected from my vision for the birth and Madeline helped guide me back to that. Having someone help connect me to my vision and desires for my birth regardless of how things unfolded was tremendously valuable! In the month that I was in the hospital being monitored she visited me and was supportive and understanding in my decision to solely have my husband present for the day of my son's birth.

Madeline's influence was greatly felt when River was born. Madeline helped me feel prepared, confident, and strong in how to advocate for the choices to create the environment I wanted my son to arrive in! Though our situation was unique having Madeline's support and presence in our process was a wonderful blessing!”